Fat Release System Overview

Overview of The Fat Release System – HCG Diet Program

A number of years ago, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. began his research on a hormone called “Human chorionic gonadotrophin”, his research became a significant breakthrough on how we can control the body to burn fat. This process is short, safe, predictable and easy to do. You will either complete a 23 or 40 day protocol. We have seen people during this 23 or 40 day protocol lose up to 2 lbs of fat a day.

Most people tend to keep the weight off long term. This is accomplished by a resetting of the metabolism and balancing of the Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands. Cravings for high carbohydrate and junk food seem to disappear. It is that simple and very effective. We have seen up to 4 pounds a day at times during this process and tremendous reshaping of our bodies to feel great and look like a younger you!

The protocol starts with 2 days of eating as much food as possible, especially foods that are high in fats and starches. The purpose of this is to ensure your body’s normal fat reserves are full. Most people starting the Fat Release System have done some dieting, often a LOT of dieting, and your normal fat reserves may be depleted. Your body needs these normal fat reserves, especially the structural fat around your organs, before starting the weight loss protocol.

Phase 1 continues for the first two days of the program while taking the homeopathic HCG drops. The reason for this is that it takes having the Homeopathic HCG circulating in your body before your brain starts signaling your body to release its stores of long term fat (LT fat). During these two days of overeating to build your normal fat reserves, it is common for most patients to gain weight. This is a sign your body is rebuilding some necessary normal fat reserves. This weight gain is extremely important since your body will need that normal fat for protection later on. The more weight you gain in this early phase, the more severely your normal fat was depleted.

What makes this program so unique, is that you will not only lose pounds but also inches, as your body re-sculpts itself!

Once on Phase 2, most people will average one pound of weight loss per day. More weight may be lost in the earlier phase of the program, and possibly less in the later phases, depending on how much weight you have to lose. Men usually lose slightly more weight than women.

The protocol continues for at least 23 days, up to a maximum of 40 days during Phase 2. When you stop taking the homeopathic HCG Diet drops at the end of Phase 2, the restricted calorie diet needs to be continued for an additional 3 days because there will still be HCG in your system continuing to liberate stores of LT fat. If you resume a normal calorie diet too soon, you will gain significant amounts of weight. After the three days of reduced-calorie eating are complete, you may resume eating a normal level of calories, but you cannot eat any starches or sugars for 3 weeks.

The Fat Release System Consists Of 3 Phases:

The Fat Release System is either the 23 Day Protocol (1 oz bottle) or the 40 Day Protocol (1.86 oz bottle), whichever you use depends on how much weight you would like to lose. Both the 23 and 40 Day Protocol will do all 3 phases of the program.

Overeating (Loading) Phase
This phase consists of the first 2 days. Build up normal fat stores by eating a diet high in calories and fat. Eat as much as you want and whatever you want. Eat every few hours. Take Homeopathic HCG directed.

500 Calorie Phase

This phase consists of the next 21 days or 38 days (depending on if you chose the 23 or 40 day Protocol). Two meals of 3.5 oz of protein, plus vegetables, fruits, small amount of grains. Take Homeopathic HCG directed.

Maintenance Phase

For 3 weeks, eat as much as you want. However, you are not allowed to eat starches and sugar.

As you can see, this system isn’t all that complicated but it does require a change in your eating habits.