I can’t believe I lost 30 lbs in 38 days using the Fat Release System

Wow! Huge fat loss. I can’t believe I lost 30 lbs in 38 days. Unbelievable if it wasn’t me. I came back from vacation and 3 weeks of over eating in need of some big help. Clearly, this is and was the perfect protocol. In fact, I have always had a problem with eating late at night and with sweets. I just love to eat in general. With the drops, I lost my appetite and have gone days not wanting or needing to eat anything after 4pm.

Everybody knows you cannot change your eating habits without great help and discipline and you guys have given me all that. Everyday I step on the scale and see the number go down a pound, I have the discipline I need to eat right and not eat for the sake of eating because in reality I am not even hungry. In fact, I had never gone 38 days in a row so disciplined in my eating and this is a huge part of any lifestyle change. I have a ton of energy and am sleeping great. My wife told me I have stopped snoring and that clearly is attributed to the weight loss and lack of bad food I was putting into my body. I am breathing more clearly than ever before – even during the terrible allergy season.

Thanks again for the incredible program and for teaching me how to have such awesome discipline. I have twin boys 5 years old and I want to be around them forever. By the way, starting weight was 257 lbs, then down to 227 lbs as of today. Also, my goal is to get down to 215 and drop another 12 lbs of fat – and I know I can do it with this program.