I Have Been On The Fat Release System For 30 Days and Have Lost 18 Pounds Already And Still Losing

That Is More Than I Ever Could Have Hoped For, Given My Age (58), And My Thyroid Problems!!

I was fat and I was tired. My weight had been inching up for the last 18 years, and at 176 pounds I hardly recognized myself. When I turned 40 I got graves disease which makes the thyroid gland overactive and the only “cure” for it was to kill the thyroid with radioactive iodine. Great – now my thyroid in under active, meaning losing weight is almost impossible.

Every time I tried to diet, I’d give up almost before I got started, because results were so slow I felt just to lose one pound took forever, and gaining it back was almost immediate.

My husband, who is 6’2’, 205 pounds, and can eat almost anything and not gain weight, loved to give me diet advice. He would tell me, “Patty, there is no magic pill – just use more calories than you take in and you will lose” easy for him to say!

Well, he was right. There is no magic pill – only magic drops!!!

I kept hearing an ad on the radio – 98.5 “The Beach”, in Florida. The ad was about yet another new diet protocol called the “Fat Release System”. I thought it was just another weight lose gimmick, but decided to do a little research on it, and found that those who tried it had nothing but praise for it!

I visited “True Healthy Products” on Merritt Island (about 60 miles from my home) and spoke to a staff member there, who was on the protocol herself. Needless to say, I took the “Fat Release System” home with me.

I have now been on it 30 days and have lost eighteen pounds already and still losing!!! That is more than I ever could have hoped for, given my age (58), and my thyroid problems!!!

I feel younger, I’m looking better every day and I still have ten days to go till I get to phase 3.

Thank you “True Healthy Products” for a product that does all it says it does, and more!!!

Pat Nowicki
Barefoot Bay, FL